I hope that everyone is having a great July 4th week and that you’ll all celebrate the birth of our great country with friends and family! God has been very gracious and merciful to the United States of America and I trust you’re filled with gratitude over that fact.

This Sunday at DSChurch, we’re actually going to be digging into a very important subject that has huge ramifications…we’re looking into citizenship. As we mention often at DSChurch, we tend to have a very unfortunate and anti-biblical habit of dividing our lives into 2 sections, “The Sacred” and”The Secular” and when it comes to issues such as citizenship, with throw them into the “secular” aspect of life and leave our faith aside. Truth is, God makes no distinctions between the two, so for the believer, there is no compartmentalization for all things are spiritual matters.

We’ll unpack what that means for the Christian Citizen this Sunday. If you’d like to study ahead, read Romans 13.

Grace and Peace

Pastor Kyle

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