Why Is “Christian Community” Important?

We need community to be fully human. God said before the fall: “It is not good for man to be alone.” Adam was lonely not because he was imperfect; he was lonely because he was perfect. God has wired us in such a way that we cannot be what he meant us to be unless we are living in community.

Over the past few decades, we’ve gotten busy, time seems to have gotten short and things like Biblical community have fallen by the wayside. In an attempt to recapture this very important aspect of the Christian life, the church has tried to substitute things like Sunday School or group Bible Studies classes for authentic community with great hope and good intention. Let me be clear…Classes are important for conveying truth and content, but real change comes in community. Jesus and his disciples lived together, ate together, experienced life together. Jesus modeled to his followers what it meant to love God and neighbor in very specific situations. Authentic Biblical Community allows us to “look over the shoulders” of mature Christians as they accept people who are different, grieve the death of a loved one, handle unemployment, resolve conflicts, grow old in grace and just, ya know, live life. We desperately need that.

We simply cannot do life alone.

This Sunday morning at DSChurch, we’ll explore the essential nature of Christian community and the fact that it’s only built intentionally.

Love someone enough to invite them to join us!

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