Life has been tough this week, huh?. 

Swamped at work. Overwhelmed by this first week of school. To-do list just doesn’t seem to be a possibility….wore. Slap. Out.

We’ve got some great news for you. No, really! Great news!!!


          We are here for you. Hear that? We care.

We know what it’s like to wonder why they call today “Hump day” when there certainly doesn’t seem to be any “topping the hill” and easing down the other side going on! We often feel the same way. Truth is, the rigors of everyday life leaves us all feeling drained by this time of the week and a pick-me-up is sorely needed if we’re going to finish the week well.

“Where Can I Get That Boost of spiritual energy ?”, you may ask

While a gallon of coffee might help a little (and be awesome!) but what will really get you going is the encouragement, love and warmth provided by the body of Christ…Forging new and enriching relationships with other believers,..Hearing the living God speak life into us through His Word…what you really need is a reFUEL.

Each Wednesday Evening @ 6:30, we invite you and your family to join us!

Tonight, we are launching our Fall Wednesday Night Ministry  So It’s A GREAT Time To Get Plugged In If You Haven’t Already! 


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