Yes. This is another invite to Wednesday night reFUEL at Double Springs Church. But…this one may be a tad different from the others you’ve seen.

Let me explain why…

I’m not pumping up Wednesdays simply because I am the Senior Pastor and I am supposed to. It’s not that at all.

I’m pumping up our reFUEL Wednesday Night Ministry because I BELIEVE IN WHAT WE ARE DOING. As a matter of fact, if I weren’t the Pastor, I’d still be wholeheartedly committed to Wednesdays. I’d still make sure my family were present and accounted for. I’d still be sold on the Gospel good that reFUEL Wednesdays to for my entire family as well as myself.

My youngest two children are with our children’s ministry as they have a ball and learn the Word in our Gospel Project children’s Ministry. They’ve developed deep, lasting relationships with their friends there as well as the leaders that have been entrusted and equipped to instruct them. They get off the school bus excited about church on Wednesday nights and they come home from church excited on Wednesday nights. Our Gospel Project leaders believe they are called to children’s Ministry and go all out each week. I’m sold. I think that if you have children nursery (where my bride gladly serves) through 5th grade and they attended refuel Wednesdays, you’d soon be sold too.

My oldest daughter is with our Student Ministry (6th-12th grade) on reFUEL Wednesdays. Here’s what I KNOW about the Student Ministry she is engaged in…every Wednesday night she is included. In fact, everyone is. Even those who aren’t considered “cool” (however that’s being defined these days). You don’t have to be “cool” to be included in our Student ministry (Heck, our Associate Pastor who leads our Student Ministry isn’t really that cool either. Sorry Paul). Got a heartbeat? Then you are welcomed, loved and cared for. I KNOW that she won’t be blown away by a laser show, fog machines, rock band or even get a free t-shirt for attending but I do know that she’ll be taught the Word of Truth, challenged to think and called to service…and she’ll have a good time too with good friends. She’s also given opportunities to take mission trips and given opportunities to just “hang out” in a safe, nurturing environment with like-minded friends throughout the year. I’m sold. Get your teen to reFUEL Wednesdays and you would be too.

I teach the reFUEL Wednesday Adult 2springsU Class so maybe I’m a tad biased here but I really believe it’s one of the most fruitful, intimate and spiritually beneficial things we do for our Adult ministry at Double Springs. Because it’s a less formal setting and discussion oriented by design, we have the ability to dig very, very deep into the Word and sharpen one another. We take our time working through each text (ask our Wednesday crowd…we’ve been in Genesis for almost a year now and have just gotten to Chapter 18! lol). Our motto is simple, we believe “Every Word Matters” and study the scriptures accordingly. I’m sold. I think that if you really desired to go :next level” in your walk through the Word, you’d be sold as well.

So, yes, this IS another invite to Wednesday Night reFUEL at Double Springs. Please take it at face value. As Senior Pastor of Double Springs Church, I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you and your entire family dive in. Do that, and you’ll be just as sold as I am.

Tonight, we’re kicking off our Fall Ministry. It’s a great time to plug in if you haven’t already.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kyle


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