For almost a year now our Wednesday night Adult discipleship class (2springsU) has been working through the book of Genesis together verse by verse. This method of preaching / study is called exposition. I personally love expository preaching and the reasons are plenty! In fact, I could go on and on concerning why I prefer this method over any other but let me share with you one reason in particular…

If you are working through a book, verse by verse…you cant hide from those text that are difficult. They are just right there, staring you down.

Preachers are human beings so heck, we don’t really enjoy people being angry with us or stirring a hornets nest. It’s not that we dislike difficult text or feel as if they are unimportant…it’s just, well…easy to put off.

For instance, if I’m just picking and choosing what text I’ll be preaching on, if it’s on my on accord, it’s highly doubtful I’d willingly venture over into Genesis 19. Genesis 18, yep. Chapter 20, no doubt. Genesis 19….not in and of myself.

Thats the beauty of expository preaching…we’re covering Genesis 19 because it’s next in line. Takes me out of the equation (always a good thing).

You may be asking, “What in the heck is Genesis 19 about?” – Well, it’s too much to type here. It’s a sad story of a man named Lot, a family destroyed by their own sin, Sodom & Gomorrah, angels, pillars of salt…see? It’s a full chapter.

As we dig into it, we’ll also be confronting an issue that plays a central role in the story and is still a hot button issue today (this world hasn’t really changed that much after all)….we’ll be addressing homosexuality. We won’t be looking about a cultural view of homosexuality but the view of God as revealed in His Holy Word.

We’ll Biblically answer questions you’ve been asked like…

*How do I respond to a someone I love who is dealing with homosexuality?
*Can you be “born gay”?
*What did Jesus say about homosexuality

Join us Wednesday night at DS Church. You’ll be glad you did.

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