It’s on the front page of your newspaper, headlining your TV and computer screens and may be the most globally debated issue facing our world today.


What in the world is going on? What is the responsibility of the Christian? What does the Bible have to say about all of this?

This Wednesday evening at our 2springsU Adult Bible study, we’ll be taking a short break from our Genesis series to allow Gods precious Word to illuminate the truth about “The Last Days“. Pastor Kyle will be teaching a message entitled, “Syria, Wars & Rumors of Wars: Making Sense Of Middle Eastern Turmoil”.

So, if you are concerned about what’s going on, tired of the “talking heads” who continue to spew ignorant opinions and desire to know the truth about what we are seeing, we invite you to join us.

No speculation. No opinions shaped by culture or political persuasion. Just the truth of Gods Word….which shall set us free. 

Wednesday – 6:30

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