When it comes to our faith – Questions are a good thing. No, that’s not stated emphatically enough. What we mean is….they are a really, really good thing.

So often, we’ve bought into the misguided thought process that considers the questions that a Christian may have as a “lack of faith”. Because of this, many believers remain at a crossroads in their spiritual development, never taking that “next step” of spiritual maturity. At Double Springs Church, we not only believe that questions are a springboard into righteous living, we actually encourage them.

You see, we believe that God is big enough to handle our questions. We don’t think our questions offend Him but rather bring a smile to our faith as they are evidence that His children desire to grow in their faith. We believe the His Word is authoritative and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. Because of this fact, we trust that it stands up to any scrutiny.

All that being said….Several weeks ago, we asked our folks here at Double Springs to submit questions they may have on theology, doctrine, faith and life in general (nothing off limits) to our Leadership and we’d do our best to answer those questions in a new Sunday night series called “Ask The Pastor”. We had a wide variety of questions submitted and we hope to address each one in one of the following ways…

*Through Our Sunday Night Series – There were several questions that were either asked by multiple people or considered to be questions that warranted a church-wide (corporate) response.. Those questions will be addressed in a sermon setting on Sunday nights @ 6:30 p.m.

*Through Wednesday Night 2springsU – Some of the questions asked can be addressed in short-form before our Prayer-meeting/ Bible study each Wednesday evening. We’ve already begun that as we’ve answered questions like “Why do we have denominations?” or as we discussed last week, “Pastor, You Talk about “Praying The Scriptures” often. What does that mean and how do we do that?”

*Through Blogging – Some of the questions submitted were not church specific but addressed questions that the “universal” church were probably asking. Because our blog here at is far reaching (literally read by believers the world over), we’ll address these questions through blogging. For example, “The Bible contains a lot of “Thou shalls” and “Thou shalt nots” that make right and wrong very clear…but there are also a lot of grey areas. How do I handle things that the Bible doesn’t clearly and specifically address?” OR “Every time I talk with my friend about her sinful lifestyle she quotes ‘Judge not, lest ye be judge’…How do I respond to that?”

*Through Face To Face Interaction– Many of the questions submitted were personal in nature and demand a one on one conversation. We’ll address those in that manner.

As for The “ASK THE PASTOR” Sunday Night Series, here’s a run-down of what we’ll cover and when we’ll cover it

THIS SUNDAY EVENING, Oct 27th “Is there a time of judgment for the Christian?” – You’ve heard it and I’ve heard it…a giant screen in Heaven that plays back all the sins of my life for all of Heaven to see and on this, I’ll be judged. We’ll be addressing the “Bema Seat” and addressing some really misguided theology concerning Judgment and what the believer can expect in Heaven. “Getting this” will set you free. Trust me on that!

November 3rd” I know I’m forgiven….but I still fill so guilty. Why?” – This question was one we saw most frequently submitted and by Gods grace, we believe chains will fall off as we address it.

November 10th “I’ve Been A Christian For Years but I Have A Secret: I Struggle With Eternal Security. Can I really be SURE of my salvation?” – Thanks for the honesty. We believe that many people struggle with this but just won’t admit it. The Bible does have an answer though. We’ll unpack it on the 10th!

November 17th“I believe that God is all knowing….so if if knew Lucifer would rebel against him and sin (with all it’s consequences) would come into this world there in the Garden, why would God create him to begin with? Isn’t that just setting us up to fall?”. Head spinning just from reading the question? Good news, there is an answer!

December 1st“If I Depressed, Is That Sinful” – Depression is not foreign to Christianity and certainly not absent from the Scriptures. We’ll expose some heretical teaching and give Biblical insight on dealing with depression.

December 8thLive Q & A Session

Looking forward to growing with you through this much needed Sunday Night series

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