Like a ton of you who are reading this right now…I am a parent.

As a parent, I realize the task of raising my children is a weighty one that carries incredible blessings and well as severe consequences regarding their future. So, like you, I take this role extremely seriously.

One of the things that all parents (who love their kids) strive to “get right” is the task of preparing our kiddos for the future. We work hard to prepare them for Elementary school, then for those  awkward Middle School years, followed of course by preparing them for High School and eventually being “on their own” for the first time in college. We also try to prepare them for “real life” after educational achievement, prepare them to be civic leaders and productive members of society, etc, etc, etc. In between these noble endeavors we prepare to excel on the ball field,  in social life, Youth groups, on and on.

All of these things are noble and worthwhile.

Yet, when it comes to relationships, dating and marriage…. we tend to let them kid of “figure it out on their own”.

Check the stats.  Allowing the cultural “norm” to guide this process, well, hasn’t worked out so well.

I believe that the Parent (Guardian OR those who serve as the only true spiritual father or mother present in the life of a child)  has a pivotal role in preparing our children for marriage. I believe we should “buck the cultural  system” that’s been misguiding our children for years. I believe that this is part of the Family Discipleship process and by the grace of God, our efforts to lead our kids into Christ centered relationships and marriages will shield them from much heartache and advance the Gospel through their lives.

Join us tonight at Double Springs as we examine Genesis 24 and slap cultural norms in the face. Lets learn to prepare our kids for marriage.

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