From a babe born in Bethlehem to pre-lit trees in our living rooms, carols by the fire, exchanging gifts, tinsel and eggnog….Christmas, if you think about it, carries with it, some interesting traditions…some very strange traditions, in fact.

Christmas (and often, the customs and traditions that accompany it) is a big deal to us.

But, has the Christian Church ALWAYS celebrated this holiday? If not, when did we start doing so? Is December 25th the actual date of Christ birth? If not, why is this date distinguished? How about those wise men? Drummer boys?….Oh, the questions are endless!

Ultimately, the greatest question we can consider as Christians is, “How can I glorify God this Christmas season?”

We’ll be unpacking many of these questions (and more) tomorrow evening at 2springsU Adult Discipleship as we discover “The History Of Christmas”.

We hope you’ll join us!

ALSO – The 2springs Student and Childrens Ministries will be resuming regular schedules this week as our Students continue their teaching series with a message from Pastor Paul, “My Way” (Doors open@5. Come early & vball/bball/hang. Church@6:21) and KidZmin continues the “Gospel Project”.

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