Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about Mr. Phil Robertson (aka The Duck Commander) being unceremoniously and indefinitely “suspended” from his own show on A&E, “Duck Dynasty”.

 I’m sure that by now, you know why, too.

Ol’ Phil, the Patriarch of the Dynasty…or Pater familia, if you will…. believes the Bible and is unashamed in his walk with Christ. Truth is, I’ve heard Phil, Willie and Jase preach (Phil and Jase particularly can shucketh the corn, by the way). I’m a fan of the show and I’ve read their books. If A&E didn’t see this coming, they’re even dumber than they look right now. The Duck boys (and gals) are vocal, bold and if you care enough not to develop an opinion on them based on a  few snippets of quotes you’d know they are a very loving family as well. From the get-go, the stated point of their show has been to gain a greater platform for Gospel advance. They have that, with or without A&E and I don’t believe they’ve lost a wink of sleep throughout this ordeal.

So, many who don’t follow the show are asking why the big fuss from the Duck Dynasty faithful? Why have so many taken to the airwaves, Facebook post and Twitter feeds in support of a Godly old duck hunter from Louisiana?

Well, as Christians, we believe Phil to be a brother and the remarks he made (while some may argue they are a tad crude and he could have expressed them in a different manner) were clearly pulled from a Biblical context. God is very clear on the issue of homosexuality. It’s not a sin because Phil said so, because I say so, or because you say so….it’s considered sin because God says so. Same with a lying tongue, adulterous heart or deceitful motives. God sets the standard of right and wrong in His Word. Culture, “the times“, the small but vocal minorities OR majorities of folks who feel differently do not change that. Truth is already settled, like it or not. Phil, in his very unique way mind you, was simply expressing Biblical truth and he’s being attacked for that.

As Christians who love the Lord, His Word and our brothers and sisters in the faith, we stand with and support those who are being ridiculed for expressing Biblical principles. Phils story is nothing new. Read the history books. Heck, read tomorrows newspaper. Globally, more of our brothers and sisters have died for their faith in the past 100 years than in all of history combined up unto that point. As my friend and cowboy preacher extraordinaire, Kevin Weatherby stated today, Pastors are routinely fired for preaching the truth and our Lord Jesus was crucified for it.

We speak out because we love our brother and stand with him.

As American Christians, we love our country and what it was founded upon. We care about the Freedom of Expression. We’re seeing that today’s version of “Free Speech” is increasingly only applicable for those who don’t hold tightly to the immutable truth of Gods Word. Miley has the freedom to “express herself” on national TV, half naked, bumping and grinding with 40 year old little boy (Yes, I said little boy…men wouldn’t degrade a woman or bring shame and reproach upon her family like that) and that’s ok….but Ol’ Phil gets to preaching and uh-oh. Thats our new America, folks.  The Duckman won’t bow down in the name of tolerance. He won’t fall prostrate at the sounds of the lyre and the harp. No, he just sticks to His Bible…..and becomes public enemy #1. Let a former NBA player “come out of the closet”, express his freedom of speech and he’s a hero. Watch an old man with a footlong beard about his face, duck calls around his neck and a Bible in his hand express his faith….he’s a bigot. We stand with Phil because we support his freedom of speech.

There’s another reason so many are standing with Phil and it’s quite possibly a reason not many people have thought of…maybe it’s been lost in translation….WE LIKE HAVING A DECENT TV SHOW ON THE AIR!

You know, the kind of show that we don’t have to DVR and watch prior to allowing our kids to view it. A show without cursing or nudity (c’mon, no one wants to see Uncle Si in a birthday suit anyway, Jack). A show that has an actual family who love one another and have their priorities straight. That’s kinda nice to see.

You see, A&E doesn’t give us another option that fits that mold. the First 48, Intervention, some show about crazy hoarders…yeah, that ain’t cutting it for my crew. By the way, A&E has a parent company ABC Network/Disney Corp that’s even worse. We could watch a “Bachelor” try out a parade of women or some housewives that are desperate. If that doesn’t work, they’ve given us Celebrity “Weddings”, Good Luck Charlie and for one ill fated year, “Good Christian Bitc@*$” (guess they aren’t worried about offending EVERYONE after all, are they?). We could flip to another network but things get even raunchier there.

Sorry. Doesn’t cut it for me and my house. Decency is a good thing. You can call us “Legalistic” if you’d like for not allowing our kids (or ourselves) to watch TV shows that attempt to normalize what God has clearly condemned or that may cause us to sin….that’s your prerogative but we won’t apologize for pursuing righteousness.

The Robertson clan are my brothers and sisters in Christ who are attempting to do some Gospel good in this very dark world. I pray that God might use this whole even to give the Robertsons an event greater platform and many would see the truth, embrace it and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. For that reason, #IStandWithPhil…actually, better said #WeStandWithPhil (and there are a lot of us)

Just my two cents.

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle

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  1. Amen Bro. Kyle! I’ve been busy plastering my wall with support for Phil and his stance since this started and yes, I’ve been getting the “bigot” treatment for it. I prefer to face judgment in this life for following God than to deny Him and be denied before Him.

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