Double Springs family and friends,

Many of those who read this post will remember something I mentioned in the sermon this past Sunday morning regarding marriage. I said that in my 12 years of Pastoral ministry, I’ve never seen so many struggling marriages. I meant that.

Truth is, the fact that so many marriages are teetering on the edge of failure breaks my heart. I really believe that God desires us to have healthy, enjoyable, fun….thriving marriages.

Over the past few months, the Lord has been dealing with my own heart about starting a Small Group / SS class dealing with this subject and I’ve given Him every excuse in the book (“Lord, I’m a tad busy already on Sundays!”…”Jesus, we’re already crunched and short on space”…”Father, I don’t know that many will come”). This morning, while in prayer, the Spirit of God impressed upon my heart the fact that no excuse is good enough. Healthy, Christ honoring marriages….families are too important, too vital in His Kingdom mission to delay this any longer.

All that said, Annette and I will be leading a Small Group each Sunday morning in the Double Springs sanctuary (at 10:00 a.m.) that will be fun, engaging and instructive. We’re going to be taking the precepts and principles that God has given us in His Word and learning to apply them to our marriage lives.

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Now, who’s invited? Well, it’s important that you understand that this small group is NOT reserved for only those who’s marriages are falling apart! Are those who are struggling welcome? Of course! I believe that if you are struggling in marriage, what we’re going to be dealing with will help you immensely and can turn your marriage around! This Small Group IS for those who are struggling but it is ALSO FOR those whose marriages are rocking along just fine! Preventative maintenance, if you will, is essential to continuing in your healthy marriage journey…finishing well!

We’ll be covering a BROAD scope of topics in this Small Group and will be continuing fellowship outside of the church as well (This is SUCH a big deal. Healthy marriages are enriched by doing life together so we’ll have monthly outings, Summer Weekend Marriage Retreats, so on).

We’ll begin this small group this Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. and we’ll be dealing with “Communication: He said, She said“. (BTW, the ability to communicate in marriage is ESSENTIAL to having a THRIVING marriage so DONT MISS THIS!).

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Annette and I really hope that you and your spouse (aka, honey, sugar plumb, baybay, boo) will join us Sunday as we begin this journey TOGETHER.

See you Sunday. Please feel free to invite some friends.

Praying For Grace, Peace and Healthy Marriages,

Pastor Kyle

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