“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it” – Psalm 118:24

Snowpocolypse. Snowmegedon. The blizzard in the Ville.


All of these terms I have employed to describe the current weather conditions that have me (and most everyone in the deep south) snowed in yet again today.

Those who know me aren’t in the dark concerning my feelings for snow. I’m no fan. It’s not the cold that bothers me, as I actually prefer cool weather over our balmy southern norm. It’s the snow itself.

Fact is, I’ve dreaded the past couple of days from the first moment I heard our local meteorologist give the slightest hint that it may be coming. So, I came into this whole thing, well, kind of glass half empty.

Well, this morning, I awoke to even MORE snow. MORE SNOW.

With no power to change that, I went into my normal routine…put a pot of coffee on, let Jep (my trusty sidekick) out so that he could leave his trademark yellow stains on every tree, shrub, leaf, fence post…it goes on and on…seriously, when he gets going you’d best not be sitting anywhere in the yard lest you be part of his marked territory. Before the family wakes and the weather channel is checked, I sit down to the Word with a passage from the Psalms, from Proverbs followed by a devotional reading from an old Testament story then a portion of one of the Gospels.

My time in the Psalms was a tad convicting concerning my gloomy disposition today.

“THIS is the day“…yes, today…this cold, dreary, snow filled day . “That the LORD has made“….yep, I’m in trouble now. “We will rejoice”….um, opposite of what I’m currently doing. “And be glad in it“….ok…ouch.

Talk about a kick in the pants.

Now, ordinarily, I’m a lemonade maker. I’ve always believed, heck, even taught that it’s wildly important that we make the best of every day, everything. I know that “for every thing there is a season…a time, place and purpose under Heaven“. I’ve long known that every day is a gift from God and evidence of His grace…but this snow…has obviously clouded my theology!

I do not want to be a “hearer” of the Word only. I desire to be a “doer“. Because of this, I ask myself what kind of response I should give to the Word as I read it. This morning, as I put that practice in place, I decided that I’d respond to this often quoted text by listing a few reasons I should “rejoice and be glad” even in the midst of Snowpocoplypse.

* Its Breathtaking – even I have to admit that. I mean, even a quick glimpse trumpets the glory and majesty of our Creator God. Who but He could do something so incredible.

* It’s A Great Reminder – The blanket of pristine, blindingly white snow looks so pure. So clean. All the mud, muck and mire have been covered. I’m reminded of the redeeming grace of God as my mind and heart races to the fact that “though my sins seem as scarlet, He has washed them white as snow“. What a Savior!

* It’s Conducive –  I’m a “goer” by nature, a constant state of motion. Snow days bring me to a grinding halt. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Over the last couple of days, my “busyness”, the blur that characterizes so much of my life has been replaced with a slow, steady pace. I’ve been forced to hit the brakes and spend some time contemplating, planning, praying. I’ve been able to make some phone calls I’ve put off, return some emails I’ve been “getting around to” returning for weeks, finish some administrative work I’ve been procrastinating over. It’s been conducive as it’s not likely these (needed) things would have gotten done had it been sunny and 75!

* It’s Been An Opportunity – I decided to replace the term “stuck” at home with “blessed” at home. Mama Nette and the Caudell kiddos are used to seeing dear old dad on the go. Now, I make it a priority to give them ample husband or dad time, even while I’m on the go but like most everyone who reads this, I could do a better job of that. My schedule is nuts and I struggle daily with dividing my time well. Heck, last week was full of funerals and ministry and just plain old life happening. I barely saw them. The struggle is real. Snow days take that struggle away. We’re all here. Together. It’s rare and it’s wonderful. I sure love them and though we’ve seen more of each other over the last couple or days that we are accustomed to, believe it or not, we still like each other! It’s been nice.

So, there you go. Rejoice. Be glad. God made this day.

Grace and Truth,

Pastor Kyle



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