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Wars, rumors of wars, depravity on full display on every corner, wolves filling pulpits, a world gone mad….

Yes, we all see it.

The question bursting from the hearts of man, whether vocalized or not…”Is this the end?”….Surely the world cannot go on in this fashion, seemingly on the verge of implosion. Is this the end? Is the end near?”.

It’s a valid, relevant and insanely important question.

Yet, I think we’ve phrased the question wrongly. For those in Christ, the elect of God, we’re not so much dealing with “The end“, but rather, “The Beginning”!

This Sunday morning at Double Springs, we’re beginning a new Sermon Series entitled, “The BEGINNING Is Near“. In this timely new teaching series we’ll be exploring eschatology and see, though the blessed Word of God why those 1st Century church could say with great joy and anticipation, “Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Jesus“.

As the body of Christ, We’ll be exploring Gods Word Concerning “The Beginning” with a three fold strategy so that we may best be gripped by it. Our prayer is that our efforts will provide some continuity and bring some edification to the body.

1. Pulpit Ministry

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be using both Sunday morning and evening services to preach from various text dealing with “The Beginning“. Pastor Kyle and Pastor Paul will tag-team the series.

2. Ministry At Home

Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll also be posting a blog study series on the & Churches of Asia Minor (Revelation). Fact is, eschatology is a broad subject and we want to cover as much of it as we can. We’re limited by time and logistics when it comes to pulpit ministry and we believe that a blog series will give us further opportunity to grow in the Word. We’ll be providing printed copies for those not online as well.

We’ll be using Family Study Guides as well

Sunday morning you received our “Family Dinner Discussion” guide for use in your home. The guide is simple. Each day, throughout the series, there will be a passage of scripture that is related to our sermon series that we ask you to read with your family, discuss and pray over. With each passage listed, it’d be beneficial for you to ask, “What does this say?” / “Why is it being said?” / “Why does this matter to us?”.

3. Eschatology Q & A

We’ll be wrapping up this series in a few weeks with a Open Mic Q & A Session. This Sunday you’ll receive a bulletin insert that will allow you to submit your questions for this event. You may also send them by email to kylecaudell@(dot)com. Of course, we’ll address questions via open mic as well.

We’re excited about this upcoming series and ask a few things of you

*Pray. Pray that God would guard our minds and His Spirit would illuminate each passage we preach from the pulpit, read online or discuss at home.

*Invest. We believe that The Word works. We know you believe that too. We ask that you commit yourself to each corporate worship service, serious prayer and family study. Investing yourself deeply into this study will bring lasting fruit into your life and the life of your family.

*Invite. This Series in an opportunity. The reason we say that is simple: what we are going to be dealing with in fresh on the hearts and minds of those around you. Everyone is talking about it (I mean, c’mon, did you see the Facebook post after our South Carolina earthquake). The relevance of this subject provides a pretty easy opportunity to invite unchurched friends and family to get some answers to the questions they are already pondering.

This Sunday, Pastor Kyle will be kicking off our Series by addressing the long standing question, “Could Jesus Come Back Today?”.



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