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Good morning, Double Springs!

As you know, last night we wrapped up our Springs Break Sports Camp! I’m really thankful that we had the opportunity to partner with Oakdale Baptist and Townville Baptist Churches and serve Christ together, striving to make His name famous here in our community. As I mentioned last night, we’re on the same team and we can accomplish so much more together, for His glory,  than we can by ourselves. I believe our partnership was a witness, in and of itself, to our community that our churches are about HIS Kingdom and not our own.

On a Pastoral level, I’m also grateful for all of those within the body at Double Springs who selflessly gave of their time (during SPRING BREAK!) to serve Christ by ministering to children at Sports Camp. Whether through food service, coaching, praying, connecting with kids, giving,  jumping in where needed or any other way….thank you! Some of you stepped outside of your comfort zone to lead coaches huddles and in other areas and for that, I’m really proud and grateful for you. Some of you guys have NO interest in sports yet there you were, doing whatever it takes to reach kids. That is awesome. True ministry is setting self-interest aside and going all out for HIM, and so many of you did that this week. I praise God for you!

I pray this Sports Camp will serve as a catalyst for future Kingdom work for you  personally and for the body of Christ at Double Springs and that you are filled with joy over the athletes that came to faith in Jesus Christ this week!!

Looking forward to seeing you and your family tomorrow at DS Church for EASTER SUNDAY!

Love you all! Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Kyle


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