Would love to have you join us Sunday at Double Springs as we assemble together to worship the one true King!

There are several opportunities for you to grow in your faith such as Small Group / Sunday School for all ages that provide a place of discipleship and community! On that note, our Couples Small Group will be kicking off a study entitled, “The Marriage You Always Wanted” that will be led by Brad and LeeAnne Wise (Meets in the sanctuary). All classes begin at 10:00 a.m.!

On Sunday morning (11) and Sunday evening (6), we’ll also be continuing our “Before the Throne” Series that we’ve been in the past several weeks. This series of sermons is designed to help us all develop a powerful prayer life. This Sunday, we’ll be examining that oft-forgotten…dare I say oft-neglected discipline of fasting.


We’ll also be announcing a7 day  period of corporate fasting and prayer that we’ll begin Wednesday (May 21st) through Tuesday (May 27th). Many of us (myself included) will be doing a Daniel Fast during this time (fruits, Vegetables, nuts and water only), some will be doing this by forgoing 1 meal per day and because fasting is so new to many, some will participate by abstaining from other things such as social media, tv, ect for those 7 days. We just prayerfully ask that all participate in some manner.

We look forward to seeing you and your family Sunday at Double Springs!


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