If you live in the Double Springs/Townville Communities, it’s very likely that you have been invited to services at Double Springs before. Actually, you’ve probably been invited multiple times by multiple people (it’s also likely that you’ll be invited again in the future).

Some of you have taken us up on that invitation, some have not yet done so…and some wonder why in the world we keep asking you to visit. Maybe this quick post will clear the air.

We invite you because we care.

I really hope that doesn’t come across as condescending as that’s certainly not my intent. I also hope it doesn’t come across as some trite cliché’ that Christians mindlessly pull whenever given the opportunity. That’s not the case, either.

I assure you, when I say that we invite you to Double Springs Church because we care….I mean it with absolute sincerity. We really do.

It’s not about numbers for us. We’re not trying to drum up attendance so that we can pridefully pat ourselves on the back. We believe that God is sovereign over all things including who attends our church, our congregations size and even it’s influence and we trust Him with that. We’re not “after” your money. Our God “owns the cattle on a thousand hills” and we trust Him to meet each of our needs according to His riches in glory (which are unlimited).

The thing is, we invite you because we care.

Because we care, we invite you so that you and your family hear a clear and Biblically faithful account of the Gospel.

Because we care, we invite you so that you SEE and not only hear love.

Because we care, we invite you so that you have a fellowship, an outlet, a prayer ready family to run to when life beats you down.

Because we care, we invite you so that you have the option to worship Jesus with your family instead of being segmented off into various areas.

Because we care, we invite you so that you have the opportunity to lift high the name of Jesus through timeless, Christ-centered music, warm and loving fellowship, strong expository preaching and Gospel advancing mission trips and opportunities for service.

I could go on here, but I think you get it. We invite you (sometimes over and over) to Double Springs Church because we care. We’re not perfect and surely don’t claim to be, but we do pray that if you’re on the fence about this whole “Christianity” thing, you’ll join us Sunday and hear Truth that will open your heart. If you are a professing Christian, we believe that the Bible is very clear on the fact that if not engaged in a local church, you’re in rebellion. We invite you, too, to join us at Double Springs this Sunday and hey, you may visit with us and determine that though you know you, as a Christian, need to be engaged in a Bible teaching church that Double Springs just isn’t the church for you. That’s ok! We’ll be glad to help you find a church!

So, here’s another invitation – Join us this Sunday at 11:00 am at Double Springs! I believe you’ll be glad that you did!

Because we care,

Pastor Kyle


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