Hymns: Remain, often times even after hundreds of years of use, timeless doctrinal treasures that exhort multiplied millions to pure and sincere worship directed toward our King, The Lord Jesus.

We sing many of them without need of a hymnal or even a glance at the lyrics projected onto a screen as we know them by heart. We learned them as children, sitting beside Dad and Mom and listening intently as they sang them with great joy. They spark memories of our Grandmothers humming their tune as she baked in the kitchen or Grandpa whistling while he worked.

We know them….but do we?

One commonality shared by those hymns that have had lasting power, still relevant hundreds of years after first put to paper is that they’re not just words thrown together by a gifted composer or lyricist. No, those hymns have come and they have gone. The hymns that have echoed through the ages have substance. They have a story behind them. A story that still matters, a story that needs to be told.

Beginning tomorrow evening at 6:30, Pastor Kyle will begin a new Wednesday night teaching series called “Behind The Hymns” that will shed light on the background, theology and relevancy of many of our favorite Christian Hymns and with this understanding in hand, we’ll be exhorted to worship God more fully each time we sing them.

Join us tomorrow at 6:30 and let’s go “Behind The Hymns”

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