Fear. It cripples us. Renders us ineffective. Saps our strength and robs us of both the adventure and abundance that should mark the life of a follower of Jesus.

Fear comes in many forms, no one less damning than the other. Some struggle with the fear of the unknown, paralyzed by what might happen tomorrow. Others bite their nails in fear of failure. They live safe, no risk lives. No, they want adventure. They want thrills. In fact, they watch with envy as others put it on the line and secretly wish they had a little of whatever “that guy” has. It’s not that they don’t posses an adventurous spirit (we have the Holy Ghost within us and following His lead is the greatest thrill ride imaginable). It’s simply that if they try, they may fail…and that stifles them.

Still others battles with a ever present, unrelenting fear of man. They cant say “no”. They constantly compare themselves to others. They run after approval like a good hound on the trail.

These fears serve as great thieves in our lives.

This Sunday at Double Springs Church (11:00 am), we’ll address these fears and learn how to conquer them as we look into the almost unbelievable life of “Beniah The Fearless Warrior”

I mean, taking out a tag team of genetic freak Moabite soldiers, jumping into a pit in the dead of winter…with a hungry man-eater, facing off against an Egyptian giant….yeah….fearless.

I posted late last night that as I reviewed my notes I couldn’t help but think about my own life….the opportunities I’d missed, the thrills I’d had stolen, the Gospel good that I’d walked away from…all because of fear. I’ve wondered as I prepared this message how my life would be different if I’d only heard this text preached as a kid.

Because of that (and a 1,000 more reasons) I am as stoked about preaching this message as I’ve ever been about any message that I’ve preached. I believe God will show out (not because of me but because I trust His Word and the working of His Spirit through His Church).

I want to encourage you to join us Sunday as we continue our “Warrior Series”

Pray. Invite. Come expectantly.

Love you all and Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Kyle

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