Dear 29689,

First of all, we hope this letter finds you well (you should be, after all, it is FRIDAY!) and let you in on something that you may or may not realize means the world to us…serving you.

You see, we’re a church. We realize that word has become kind of misused and even generic so allow us to explain what it is.

When we say we’re a church, what we mean is – we’re a gathering of very imperfect people who have been forgiven, made new and sent on mission by our King, Jesus Christ. When we reference the church, we don’t speak of a building, an ideal or even a cause….we’re talking specifically about a people. The fellowship of people we’re citing don’t posses all the answers to life’s question, are not elitist with snobby noses in the air or live mistake free lives. No, we’re simply a ragtag band of misfits who’ve met Jesus and by His grace, live our lives in joyful abundance.

You may be wondering why all this should matter to you.

Well, the reason we, the church, are writing you is because we believe God has us here, the Double Springs Community of Townville, SC for a purpose. That purpose is to glorify God in a plethora of ways, one of which is serving you.

Truthfully, we haven’t always done the best job of that and for this, we apologize. We get caught up in ourselves or too busy to see opportunities to love that are right in front of us. As with any group of people, we’re prone to go off track from time to time, focusing on secondary issues and we fail to accomplish the mission God has given us. Again, for that we sincerely apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

Through the years, the church here at Double Springs has seen good and bad times and has surely seen it’s fair share of transition. There have been many, many changes…some for the better and we’re sure some have proven to be for the worse.

Yet, one thing has never and will never change…our call to serve you, our community.

The hope, peace, joy and assurance we have is something we’d love to share with you. We have no wish that you’d hear these things from our lips without seeing them with your eyes, either. That’s why you see us serving in the schools or hosting cook outs at the park. That’s why we stock shelves in our Educational building with food that’s free for any of you who may need it and collecting backpacks and school supplies for those children in our community who may have a hard time obtaining them on their own. You may have seen us  building handicap ramps cleaning up a local yard for the elderly….heck, we’re even building a new family life center…and serving you is the primary reason why.

You see, we’re here for you. That’s what we want you to know.

If we weren’t, we’d be poor representatives of the One who served us by laying down his life for our sins.

We are here to serve YOU. Not questions ask. Nothing expected in return.

In fact, we’re stepping up our efforts and that’s where we need your help.

Over the next several weeks, we’re taking an informal survey of the needs those in our community may have. If possible, could you email us with suggestions as to the needs in our community that we may be able to meet or at least assist in? We desire to serve you well but need your help!

We’ll be taking what we find, developing s intentional strategy and jumping in to service with both feet. This fall, you’ll be seeing more of Double Springs Church than ever before as we kick off our Community Service initiative, #ReachTheVille

Please email with suggestions you may have or better yet, stop by the church offices and see us. We’d be honored!

Thanks and God Bless,

Double Springs Church

BY THE WAY – You are more than welcomed to join us Sunday for worship! We’re in a new Sermon Series called “Samson” and we believe you’ll be blessed by Gods people and His Word.






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