Confession: I rely WAY to heavily on my phone.

Not just concerning plans for the day, directions to and fro or contact info either. I also use it to fill those awkward moments of stillness or silence with SOMETHING…ANYTHING other than stillness or silence (though stillness & silence are much needed…even when awkward). I pick it up as a nervous habit (think walking into a room of strangers…yep, no nail biting or fidgeting for me…I jump to a screen). Without even realizing it, it’s become a habit and not a good one either. Understanding this, I set some personal boundaries a few weeks ago that have also been applied to all who live under the Caudell roof; and I encourage you to consider doing the same…

#1 Under no circumstances will phones (or screens of any kind) be accessible during meals. We still value our time around the supper table each evening. It’s a big deal to us and few things discourage conversation like a phone can. This applies to our meals outside the home as well.

#2. While engaged in conversation, the phone can wait. Of course, this (in part) is a matter of common courtesy. I mean, staring at a phone while someone is attempting to communicate with us is, well, in the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!”.

#3 If What I Need To Say Can Be Communicated In Any Other Way, Choose That Instead- Phones, while handy tools, are a really poor substitute for meaningful communication.

BONUS: Parents, this may help you. We have a family rule that says, “No screens until clean”. Simply put: when the kiddos get home from school/activities/etc, they’re not allowed screens of any kind (including the zombie maker…aka TV) until their rooms are clean. This serves two purposes: it keeps them off electronics and it eases my OCD tendencies as they involve a clean house! Lol!

Anyway, hope you find this helpful and can implement some of these guidelines!

In Jesus name,

Pastor Kyle

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