“Let us examine our ways and test them…then turn back to God”- Lamentations 3:40


Life gets busy. We know that. We also know that because of the hustle and bustle, certain matters can get neglected..yes, even extremely important matters such as our spiritual health. You know what else we know? Our spiritual health effects every other area of our lives (Matt 6:33) so we’d be wise to periodically get a check-up!

This Moral/Spiritual Inventory is just that. It’s a Spiritual check-up. The following questions and subsequent answers will help to reveal any areas in which there may be a disconnect between yourself, God and others. It’ll help to reveal the source of your lack of joy, contentment, wounded relationships and so on.

One More Thing before check-up time: We encourage you to grab a journal and write down these questions and your honest answers. Sire Francis Bacon once said that “reading makes a man broad but it is writing that makes him specific” and when it comes to spiritual vitality, the need for specificity is paramount


In what areas of my life is God not first?

What tells me that?


Who have I wounded?

Do I have any unresolved relational conflicts?

Am I holding any grudges?

Am I seeking revenge?

Who am I jealous of and why?

Who have I been unfairly critical of?

Who have I gossiped about?


Am I are consistently grateful person?

Do I tend to see the best in people/situations or the worst?

Do I have a habit of “blowing up” on people?

What causes fear or anxiety in me?


Have I been mistreating anyone in my family?

Do I harbor resentment toward anyone in my family?

To whom in my family do I owe an apology?


Do I fill my mind with the truth of Gods Word daily?

Do I allow unhelpful media to dominate my thoughts?

Am I controlling my thoughts or are my thoughts controlling me?


What are some ways I may be mistreating my body?

What habits/activities do I have that are harmful to my health?


Have I exaggerated to make myself look better?

Am I more concerned about how people look at me than I am about how God sees me?

Am I the same person at church/work/school that I am at home?


Am I faithful to Gods Church?

Do I faithfully give of my time, talents and resources?

Am I more critical or encouraging when I talk about the church?


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