Friendship Sunday #BetterTogether


Over the past several weeks, we’ve been learning how life really is #BetterTogether!

We’re created for companionship and called to community. Because this is true, we MUST be people surrounded by life giving, life enriching relationships. We’ve seen how vital the relationships we have within the church are as well as the companionship we find in the context of marriage.

This Sunday at 11:00 am, we’ll find another essential relationship we must intentionally engage ourselves in in true friendship. We’ll discover together what the Bible has to say about friendship and how to be a great friend.

In honor of our friends, we’ll be hosting an event called “Friendship Sunday”. We’re encouraging our members and regular attenders to invite those friends who pour into their lives and have been a blessing to join us

Here’s what we’re asking of you:

  •  PRAYER – Would you commit to spending time each day this week praying for our service on Sunday? The need we have each week for God to transform lives cannot be overstated and neither can the heartfelt prayers of His people. When His people pray, He hears and responds. We’re challenging each of you to commit to 5 minutes of prayer each day as we prepare for Sunday morning
  • Invite – God is doing a tremendous work at Double Springs right now. Since Easter Sunday, we’ve not had a single Sunday without at least one 1st time guest and returning guest joining us for worship. That’s pretty awesome for any church, especially a rural one

That being said, right now is a GREAT time to leverage the God given connections you have to invite others to join us on our journey. There should not be a week that goes by in which we fail to invite someone to see what God is up to.

Special emphasis days like “Friendship Sunday” make it super easy to invite those we love to church. Seriously, what can be simpler than, “Hey, this Sunday is friendship Sunday at my church and because you’ve been such a great friend, I’d love for you to join me”.

Now, the question becomes, “Which Of My Friends Do I Invite?”

Here’s A Few People You Should Invite:

Your Unchurched Friends. If you have a friend that isn’t attending church anywhere, you should invite them. If you DON’T have a friend who isn’t in church….that’s a problem. Following Christ includes building bonds and bridges with those disconnected with Church

Your “kinda” Churched Friends. If you have a friend who, let’s be honest, identifies as being part of some church but isn’t really engaged in its life, you should invite them to join you. Following Christ through faithfully living life together in the context of Biblical community is a “All In” kind of thing.

Your Friends Who Aren’t Yet Christians. I say “yet” because at one time, you weren’t a Christian either. We believe in the message we preach at Double Springs and KNOW that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto Salvation. Get them here.

Your Friends Who May Not Look Like You. We addressed this on Sunday…the racial divide in our nation right now is staggering, to say the least. Socially, it’s not only race that has divided us but also where we fall in the tax brackets. We MUST not wait upon politicians and legislators to “bridge the gap” and bring racial reconciliation. THE CHURCH (that’s you and me, by the way) must take the lead in this and become a truly diverse community. I challenge you to invite a friend to church that doesn’t share your skin tone, background or socio economic status

We’re looking forward to meeting and honoring your friends this Sunday but you’ll have to do what we can’t…invite them.


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