Be In Prayer: Exciting Days Ahead


Hey there, Double Springs!

We hope you haven’t come down off of the spiritual high we experienced this past Sunday at Double Springs! What an incredible time with Gods people in Gods house!

We wanted to update you with some news that we think is exciting and ask you to be in prayer concerning it.

As you may know, our Finance Team met on Sunday evening to put the final touches on our budget for this new church year (which begins in September). Our team has prayerfully put together a budget proposal that we believe accurately reflects who we are, where we are heading as a church family and is very wise concerning the stewardship of resources that God has entrusted to us.

We believe that few things highlight the identity, values and mission of a church like its budget does and are pleased to present one that points to the fact that we at Double Springs Baptist…are a people on mission.

At first glance, you’ll notice that there were some areas of last years budget that we were able to trim back on. There are also areas in which, because of the present growth we are experiencing and the future growth we prayerfully and confidently anticipate (not to mention the addition of another ministry facility on campus), needed an increase in resources .

These incremental changes are par for the course when preparing a church budget and we carefully examined every line-item and adjusted accordingly.

As you review the proposed budget, however, there are a couple of additions that will stand out. Our proposed budget will include a (Part-Time) Associate Pastor and a partnership with a new church plant here in South Carolina.

Let me detail these proposed changes for you:

Associate Pastor-

As the Lord continues to bless Double Springs with numerical growth, the weighty responsibility of effectively shepherding the flock continues to become more daunting of a task. We do not feel as though we can fruitfully and Biblically meet the spiritual needs of each member of our congregation unless this addition is made. What a great problem to have, right? We strongly feel that adding a part time minister to our Pastoral Staff will bless the church tremendously both in the present and moving forward into the future.

The Associate Pastor will primarily provide leadership in two great areas of need within the family of God here at Double Springs:

1. Leadership & Oversight of our LifeGROUP/SS Discipleship Ministry

2. Leadership & Oversight of our Senior Adult Ministry

As the lead Pastor, I believe that these two areas of ministry are key components in the health and long term effectiveness of our church.

For years, I’ve been saying that LifeGROUP/SS is the backbone of a healthy New Testament Church and I sincerely believe it. My personal prayer and daily for this church year is that concerning every ministry we have, the LifeGROUP/SS Ministry of Double Springs sees the most growth! We’ve seen (& will continue to see) a substantial increase in weekly Corporate Worship attendance but we’ve not seen that same upward trajectory in LifeGROUP/SS and we believe that someone proving great leadership over this ministry will bring about much fruit.

We also view our Ministry to Senior Adults as VITAL to the life and future of our congregation. In our much needed effort to grow younger through ministry to families, youth & children, we feel that this area has been unintentionally neglected. We believe that Senior Adults at Double Springs are a untapped resource and that the mission field of unchurched Senior Adults in our community is ripe for the harvest! The Associate Pastor will lead our Senior Adult ministry (and in turn, our church) to new heights in the future.

The Associate Pastor will also preach/teach corporately periodically and will bring much needed assistance to the Lead Pastor in hospital/shut-in visits and counseling.

Yes, for the time being, it’s only a part time position but we believe it will provide big-time fruit!

Church Planting Partnership:

We’d all agree that Church planting is a Biblical practice and also works to build up the Kingdom of God! Did you also know that coming alongside new churches in Gospel partnership is also Biblical and also works to build up the Kingdom of God? For reference, just read the book of Acts!

In this years proposed budget, you’ll notice that we’ve proposed a partnership with New a Beginnings Church in the Ridge-Spring/Monetta area of the Palmetto State!

This new work, still in its infancy, is located in a community with a deep racial and socio-economic divide and its mission is to spread the Gospel and make disciples regardless of race, financial status or educational achievement.New Beginnings is strategically planted in the heart of this community and is working faithfully to build the body there. They currently assemble in the “Star Center” a facilty that formerly housed African American students during the segregation era.

Our former Associate Pastor, Rev. Josh Davison has planted the church and we believe it would bless the heart of God as well as Josh, Liz, their boys and new beginnings to partner with them. We also believe that in turn, this partnership will be a tremendous blessing to our own church as it is truly better to give than to receive!

Our proposed partnership will include a commitment of prayer support, encouragement, celebration and a monthly financial blessing as well as a annual fundraiser with all gifts benefitting the ministry of New Beginnings Church.

This is an exciting time in the life of Double Springs and we’re filled with great hope and anticipation as we embark on another year of connecting faith and family!

The Budget Proposal will be made available for review on Wednesday evening and will be voted upon in a called business meeting following morning services on Sunday, August 28th. Upon reviewing the budget proposal, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, any member of our Finance Team will be more than happy to entertain them.

Be sure to say a word of thanks to our current Deacons and Financial Team for their vision, leadership and work in developing this proposed budget.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Kyle



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