Double Springs Church is a Biblical community of Gospel driven believers who are dedicated to KNOWING God, GROWING in our faith and MAKING KNOWN the Salvation and Lordship of Christ.  We’d love to tell you all about what God is doing here but words simply cannot describe it…, you’ll just have to see for yourself


Our Senior Pastor is Rev. Kyle Caudell (just call him “Preach“). Pastor Kyle has served Double Springs for the past 9 years and is married to his sweetheart, Mama Nette. Pastor Kyle & Nette have three children Kaylyn, Kaden and KendylAnne. When not serving the church, Pastor Kyle is golfing, fishing, running, fussing at the TV as his beloved Braves disappoint again or speaking somewhere. He’s also heavily involved in our community, serving on various boards and in our schools.



Tom Perry serves Double Springs as an Associate Pastor. Pastor Tom is married to Mrs Pat Perry and they have one adult son and a grandson (who they adore!). Pastor Tom is a man gifted in prayer and teaching the Word, which he does each Wednesday evening at 2springsU.



Michael Benitez serves Double Springs as our Student Pastor. Michael came on staff in July (2018) and leads our 6th grade through 12th grade students. Michael is married to Rebecca, who serves alongside him and they live in Anderson.


Bryan McAdams serves Double Springs Church as our Minister of Music and has done so for more than two decades. Bryan is married to Kathy and they have two adult children, Karly and Justin who serve in children’s ministry and youth ministry. Bryan is a farmer here in the community.


Jerry Collins serve as the Gospel Project Director for our Children’s Ministries at Double Springs. Jerry is married to Kellie and they have a son, AJ. Jerry also serves as a Deacon and Kellie within the Nursery/Preschool division.


Things You Should Know Before Attending 

First off, we preach and teach the Word with clarity, boldness and expectation. The style of preaching you will hear is expository (verse by verse teaching) with a strong push toward application. You can rest assured that each sermon you hear is brooded over, fervently soaked in prayer and well thought out. We really believe that the “Word of God is the power of God unto salvation” therefore, it’s the centerpiece of our Worship Service.

It should also be noted that our Worship setting is a casual atmosphere. We’re not really concerned with attire as long as it’s modest and respectful. You’ll see some with formal dress and others in jeans and a tshirt and a pair of cowboy boots. As far as worship styles, we’re not boxed into anything. We do tend to have more a traditional flair, as we value the deep doctrine, theology and rich history of hymns but also incorporate many more recent praise and worship choruses as well…the main thing for us is that our atmosphere produces an awe inspiring view of God, and we implement songs that do just that.

Another quick thing,  during our corporate worship setting, we…well, we are pretty unique. The thing is, in our world that in constantly pulling families apart, we intentionally put them together. What we mean is-Our corporate Worship services are family integrated. Thats right! When your family visits Double Springs there will be no one there to direct you to send your children to a separate service. No, they’ll be welcomed and encouraged to join you in the pew! Now, that may sound odd to you (and that’s ok! It was odd for us once too!) but we have found that there is great fruit being produced through Family Integrated Worship. Now,we do have age graded classes at 9:30 each Sunday morning and at 7:00 p.m. on Wed nights and we do this to offer an opportunity to for our children to learn about Jesus in an environment that includes their peers but we set aside Sunday Worship Services as Family Integrated.

We don’t believe that this is the ONLY way to “do church” but we do believe it is the way Jesus would have Double Springs to operate, so we did and it has been a blessing!

Double Springs Church is a Southern Baptist Fellowship and affirm the Baptist faith and Message 2000 ( ) and we are affiliated with the Saluda Baptist Association ( . That being said, while our affiliations are SBC in nature (and we aren’t ashamed of that), our allegiance is to Christ and His Word.  We preach and teach Gods Word passionately and unapologetically, strive to honor Him through Spirit led and fueled worship and really believe God has called His church to be on mission for Him.

     We ARE NOT a Church for everybody but we ARE a Church for anybody

So, come on! We promise that you will hear Gospel driven, expository preaching and your entire family will be welcomed with open arms! Hope to see ya soon!


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