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Sermon Notes for Sunday, August 13th


Welcome Home: from The 10 Things Series (John 10:7-9)

Doors Are A Big Deal: They represent various stages in our lives. For example, the door to a wedding chapel symbolizes commitment, the door to a first home means new beginnings and the door to the maternity ward conveys the idea of lifelong love (& being broke!). These doors speak to more than a destination. The speak to destiny

People are searching for three primary things in life and opening every door they can to find them

1. Security
2. Significance
3. Satisfaction

In John 10:9, Jesus introduces Himself in a strange way…”I AM THE DOOR”

It’s an odd statement but what He says before and after helps us to understand it

John 10:7-10

Jesus audience would have understood exactly what He was talking about as they were living in a agricultural based economy.  The sheep pen, where shepherd’s who’ve come into town would have housed their sheep at night, was surrounded by a large rock wall. There was only one 6 foot wide entrance but there was no door. The shepherd himself WAS the door (He would even sleep in the threshold at night)

As The Door, the shepherd gave the sheep the three things they needed most
Security, significance, satisfaction

When Jesus said, “I AM THE DOOR”, He was telling us…

1. I Am The Door To Security

Psalm 121:4

A. Secure Today

Hebrews 10:21-23

B. Secure Tomorrow

Lamentations 3:21-23

C. Secure Forever

1st John 5:13

2. I Am The Door To Significance

People want to know that they matter. That they are valuable. That their lives count.

Big Truth: There’s a high price to be paid when we find our significance in anything other than Christ

He is the door to significance

A. You Were Significant Enough For Him To Leave Heaven

His name is “Emmanuel”- God with us.

B. You Are Significant Enough For Him To Die For

1st Cor 15:3-5

C. You Are Significant Enough For Him To Live Through

Gal 2:20

3. He Is The Door To Satisfaction

Big Truth: Our hearts are black holes of discontentment.

John 4:13-14














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