1. We Honor Gods Word – Gods Word is the centerpiece of what we do. There is simply nothing like it. It’s in Gods Word that we find a story of hope, life and redemption! From our expositional style of preaching to our wonderful Bible Class teachers, we “make much” of the Word!

2. We Involve Ourselves In Gods Mission- If you took missions out of the Bible all you would have left is the covers. Because of this, we are on Mission for Jesus Christ. From opportunities to give toward kingdom advance throughout the Nations to physically going on church mission trips, you’ll find we are seeking to be in rythym with the heartbeat of God…and His heartbeat is missions!

3. We  Affirm Gods Work In and Through The Family- Oh, the Family! What a wonderful institution! God has ordained the family and uses the family to accomplish His Commission to evangelize and disciple! Double Springs Church is made up of families of all shapes and sizes. Not perfect families but ones who are together and growing! We LOVE the family!

4. We Encourage Christian Fellowship- Community! At Double Springs, we realize that it is impossible to really “live” isloated and alone. We are inter-dependent, meaning we really, really need one another in order to truly have abundant life. We encourage and offer opportunity to engage with other folks, much like yourself and build lifelong friendships!

5. We Do All These Things With One Goal – Gods Glory- It’s who we are. It’s why we do what we do! Gods Glory! Soli Deo Gloria (great google search if ya don’t know what in the world that means!)!!!


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